WVA Advisory Committee of Families (ACF)

The West Virginia Academy Advisory Committee of Families (ACF) is patterned after other parent-teacher organizations and associations.

We feel the whole family should be building working relationships with West Virginia Academy faculty and administration. Get involved TODAY!  The ACF meets every Thursday from 3:30 - 4:30pm. 

The Advisory Committee of Families organizes and arranges parent volunteers to help out in various capacities at West Virginia Academy.  We can't pull off these amazing activities and community events with out YOU!  Volunteer today to be in your scholar's classroom, help in the library, volunteer for Ocean Week, come on our field trips, and more...

Volunteer Guidelines

The following guidelines are helpful in ensuring that volunteer service is a positive experience for parents and is effective for our students.

  • Volunteers must sign in and out at the front office, get a Visitors badge, and wear it during the time they are in the building volunteering.
  • Volunteer Dress & Behavior - please dress appropriately in business casual attire. The more we show respect for our school, the more respect the students will feel toward the school. West Virginia Academy’s dress code is reflective of a high level of respect. We encourage volunteers to reflect this same level of respect in their own appearance when they volunteer at the school.
  • Volunteers work under the supervision of staff.
  • As a matter of professional ethics, and personal privacy, volunteers do not discuss teacher, student, or school affairs with other people. It is extremely important that confidentiality be upheld at all times. Administrators have the same expectations of confidentiality from volunteers as they do from the West Virginia Academy staff.
  • For the protection of students and our volunteers, volunteers must avoid being alone with one or two students at all times while at the school and should only be in the presence of students while accompanied by another adult (i.e. a teacher, administrator, or another volunteer). This policy does not apply to passing encounters, such as when a volunteer is moving from one classroom to another, but volunteers must make sure even passing encounters occur only in a public space such as a hallway or a room with a door that is open at all times. Volunteers should never be in an enclosed room with a child at any time.
  • Student Discipline: Volunteers have a responsibility to inform staff right away if there is a problem with student behavior. Volunteers should never discipline students in any way.
  • If volunteers are scheduled to work in the classroom with students, they will be asked not to bring young children as they may become a distraction in the classroom. For other meetings or a group work activity, bringing younger siblings may be acceptable.
  • Volunteers have no claim to intellectual property created during their volunteer service at West Virginia Academy.