WVA Hope Scholarship Options

West Virginia Academy is excited to bring a variety of options when it comes to your child's education.  Please note, in order to attend any classes at WVA, scholars must abide by the policies as outlined in our Parent Handbook (including our uniform guidelines)

Kindergarten options are offered by the term: 

  1. Morning Academic Kindergarten (8:00AM - 11:15AM)
  2. Afternoon Elective Kindergarten (11:45AM - 3:00PM)

Primary School Options (1st - 5th grade) are offered by the term:

  1. Leveled Foundational Subject Courses (8:00AM - 11:15AM) This includes leveled instruction in Reading, Math and Language.  There is also cursive, and spelling offered at grade level.
  2. Class grade-level instruction (11:45AM - 3:00PM) This includes grade-level instruction in Math, Reading, Science, and History. It will also include one Specials class per day.

Secondary School Options (6th - 12th Grade):

  1. Academic Courses including Math, English, Science, History, and Latin.  Each course is $175 per term.
  2. Elective Courses including visual arts, computer science, music, performing arts, internship/teacher assistant, etc. Each course is $135 per term. 
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